WordPress to Buffer Pro

Send WordPress Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types to your Buffer (bufferapp.com) account for scheduled publishing to social networks.

WordPress to Buffer Pro


WordPress to Buffer Pro is the complete and ideal solution for publishing your Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types from your WordPress web site to your Buffer account.

Publish, Update - or both!

WordPress to Buffer: Publish, Update or Both

WordPress to Buffer Pro allows you to choose whether to send an update to Buffer when you Publish or Update a Page, Post or Custom Post Type. Want to send an update to your social media profiles when publishing a Page, but not when updating an existing Page? No problem!

WordPress to Buffer Pro provides separate options for Pages, Posts and any theme-registered Custom Post Types. It also supports multiline updates with newlines.

Include Large Featured Image

WordPress to Buffer: Featured Image

WordPress to Buffer Pro allows you to include your Page, Post or Custom Post Type’s Featured Image in your Buffer status update.

However, we understand that sometimes you don’t want to include an image – so each Page, Post and Custom Post Type also has an option to disable the Featured Image being included as part of your Buffer status update.

This means you can choose whether to include an image or not in your status update.

Buffer Multiple Times

WordPress to Buffer: Buffer Multiple Times

Want to Buffer your Page, Post or Custom Post Type multiple times – automatically? WordPress to Buffer Pro adds an option to create 1, 2 or 3 Buffer status updates when you Publish or Update your content.

An additional / alternate status field is also added, which the plugin uses alternately with your main status message.  This ensures you don’t send exactly the same update to Buffer and the social networks, which would block the update from appearing on Facebook and Twitter.

Status Tags

WordPress to Buffer: Tags

For each Publish or Update action, you can define Post tags to build your status update. For example, to publish a status update showing the Post title, category and URL, you’d use {title} {category} – {url}

You don’t need to type each tag into the settings. Just click the appropriate tag(s) to build your Buffer status updates.

Finally, taxonomy tags are automatically detected and made available based on your web site’s registered taxonomies.

Send Immediately

WordPress to Buffer: Send Immediately

WordPress to Buffer Pro introduces a new option for any Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types – the ability to send updates immediately.

Instead of the plugin adding your status update to your Buffer queue, it’ll publish the status immediately, across your chosen social network profiles.

If you don’t want to send updates immediately, WordPress to Buffer Pro will simply add your updates to the end of your Buffer queue.

Taxonomy Filtering

WordPress to Buffer: Taxonomy Filtering

If update filtering by Post Type isn’t enough, we’ve also included functionality to only post updates to Buffer based on Post, Page and Custom Post Type Taxonomies.

This means that you can choose to only publish updates to Buffer if a Post is assigned to a specific Category.

For example, if you only want to publish updates to Buffer when a Post is assigned to the Blog Category, that’s no problem in WordPress to Buffer Pro. Just enable the filtering option for Posts, and select the Blog category.

Post Overrides

WordPress to Buffer: Post Overrides

WordPress to Buffer Pro provides Post Overrides on each Page, Post and Custom Post Type – the option to manually override your settings to either:

  • Disable sending any update to Buffer for the specific Post you’re working on,
  • Enable sending an update, overriding the default status text, featured image option, times to Buffer, whether to send the update immediately and more.

Hi! So far I am loving WordPress to Buffer Pro. I love the per-social media account settings, so I can customise my status updates for Facebook and Twitter exactly as I want.

Anna Hettick, Green Eyed Country Girl

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Bought your unlimited domain wp-to-buffer plugin…..does not work properly….asked for support…..no response…..asked for support 2nd time…..no response.

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Is there a way to specify for it not to use a feature image for Facebook and Google plus, but to send the feature image to Twitter?

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If i buy a single domain license, can i update for unlimited domain just paying the difference ($20)?

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Do you also send the image with the post to buffer. Is that image then also posted on FB and LI?

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