Comment Rating Field Pro

Allow site visitors to rate Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types when leaving comments.

Comment Rating Field Pro


Comment Rating Field Pro allows you to add any number of five star rating fields to your WordPress comments form, allowing site visitors to submit a rating along with their comment.

Ratings can be set to display based on the Post Type and/or Taxonomy.

The total and average ratings can be displayed in your excerpts and/or content, with shortcode options available for more precise placement.

Manage Reviews

Ever had a spam or fake review? No problem – Comment Rating Field Pro provides functionality to edit ratings when editing a comment in the WordPress Administration interface.

Ray Milstrey, Shannon Rose Design

Now that I've actually had a chance to use [Comment Rating Field Pro], its been working out great. So far it does everything we need and is very easy to use.

Ray Milstrey, Shannon Rose Design

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Pro allows you to:
- specify multiple rating fields,
- use rating fields on Custom Post Types that support WordPress Comments,
- shortcodes to display average ratings for any Post / Custom Post Type anywhere within your content,
- enhanced display options to define where to display average ratings on excerpts, content, comments and position.

Thanks for the fast reply. We use Pods on our site for a really custom development. I don’t think my developer will have issues implementing into that. Do you have plans on building social integration with this any time soon? Logging in via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc to post comments?

Average Rating: 3
Content Rating: 5
Rating: 0

I have found a bug.

The “Disable on replies is not working” it works when the URL has
"?replytocom=35#respond " in it

But the default WP reply link comment_reply_link() uses javascript to load the reply form in, so no URL change happens and the ratings are still required on replies.

Do you have any advice?


Average Rating: 5
Content Rating: 5
Rating: 4

Wicked plugin!

Can I suggest adding a filter or an action to the HTML rating output.
I would like to have a “show / hide” link to the rating breakdown.

So you display the average ” * * * * * [ show breakdown link ] ” which would show the full breakdown.


Average Rating: 5
Content Rating: 4
Rating: 5

I buy now the plugin, and begin to make translation.
But the translation is not working in default domain.

I’m using codestyling plugin to translate.
All the translations fields from: Comment-Rating-Field-Pro-Plugin domain is ok!
But when i select the: Default. And make translation… All translations fields dont translate in plugin! :/

Can you take a look on this?

Content Rating: 0
Rating: 0

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