WordPress to Buffer Pro

Automatically send content to your Buffer account for scheduled publishing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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Publish and Update to Social Networks

Publish & Update to Social Networks

Automatically add content to Buffer whenever publishing, updating or scheduling a Post, Page or Custom Post Type.

Separate Options per Social Network

Enable automatic publishing per Post Type and per Social Network. For each, define unique, custom status updates, number of times to post and more.

Post, Author and Custom Meta Tags

Dynamically build status updates for each Post Type and social media account combination. Choose content from Post, Post Meta/Custom Fields, Taxonomy, Author and Author data by using status tags.

Featured Images

Featured Images

Choose to display WordPress Featured Images in the full size they deserve to be seen in on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Powerful Scheduling

Define up to three status updates per Post. Set them to publish immediately or add them to the end of your Buffer queue.

Taxonomy Filtering

For each Post Type and Social Network, content can be conditionally added to Buffer based on specific taxonomy term(s).

Individual Post Settings

For more control, Buffer integration can be enabled or disabled on individual Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types. If enabled, the status message, scheduling, social networks and all features above can be defined for that specific Post.


Hi! So far I am loving WordPress to Buffer Pro. I love the per-social media account settings, so I can customise my status updates for Facebook and Twitter exactly as I want.

Anna Hettick, Green Eyed Country Girl

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