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Generate a Table of Contents listing for your site Pages, with styling and layout options.

Lifetime license. No additional payment needed.

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Table of Contents Generator Pro is the complete and ideal solution for providing embedded table of contents on your WordPress Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types.

  • Just write your content and let the plugin do the work – TOC Pro builds your table of contents based on your content’s headings automatically,
  • Define where to place the table of contents, as well as choose its background colour and font style,
  • Choose to float the table of contents so it remains on screen as users scroll through your content,
  • Has one-click updates and backed by fanatical support from a true web developer

Automatically Generated

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Simply insert the TOC shortcode, and TOC Pro will scan your content to find all H1 – H6 headings. It’ll then output a Table of Contents on your Page, Post or Custom Post Type automatically.

Need further customisation? We’ve got that covered, with CSS and Display Settings to ensure the Table of Contents fits within your site design and brand.


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TOC Pro allows WordPress site owners to add their own CSS for bespoke styling outside of the default options available.

For developers, CSS added in themes can also be applied to the Table of Contents for further display control.

TOC DisplayDisplay Settings

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TOC Pro provides many options for customising the layout, design and positioning of the Table of Contents:

  • List Style: Choose whether to display a bullet or numbered list
  • Alignment: Align the Table of Contents to the left or right of your content.
  • Title: Define the title, font, font color and text size
  • Box: Define the Table of Contents border size, color, background color, font, font color and text size

TOC Exclude HeadingsExclude Headings

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Don’t want to display all headings in your Table of Contents? TOC Pro comes with the option to exclude H1 – H6 tags. Just select which headings to exclude, update your options, and you’re good to go.

TOCEasy to Navigate

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Allow your site visitors to easily get back to your Table of Contents; TOC Pro provides the following options:

  • Display Mode: Choose to display your Table of Contents in fixed mode, ensuring it’s always on screen, regardless of how long your Page, Post or Custom Post Type is.
  • Back to Top: Add ‘Back to Top’ links below each heading, so users can go back to your Table of Contents.

Lifetime license. No additional payment needed.

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