Table of Contents Generator Pro

Generate a Table of Contents listing for your site Pages, with styling and layout options.

Table of Contents Generator Pro

Automatically Generated

Insert the TOC shortcode into any Page, Post or Custom Post Type, and Table of Contents Generator Pro will scan your content to find all H1 – H6 headings, producing a Table of Contents.

Customise Styling

Table of Contents Pro provides an easy to use settings interface to customise the list style, alignment, title, title style, border, background, font and link color of the Table of Contents.


For developers, Table of Contents Generator Pro has a CSS option for bespoke styling instead of using the available settings to customise the display.

The Table of Contents markup ensures that all elements can be targeted, to provide full customisation.

Exclude Headings

Table of Contents Pro comes with the option to exclude H1 – H6 tags from being displayed within the table.



Easy to Navigate

For longer Pages, Table of Contents Pro come with handy options which allow site visitors to get back to the Table of Contents at any time.

Display Mode provides an option to display the TOC in fixed mode, so it’s always on screen. Expandable allows the TOC to show and hide with a toggle switch.

Back to Top

Table of Contents Generator Pro provides a ‘Back to Top’ option. When enabled, links appear below each heading in the Page content. Visitors can click these links to be taken back to the top of the Page Content.

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