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Allow site visitors to rate Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types when leaving comments.

Lifetime license. No additional payment needed.

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Comment Rating Field Pro is the complete and ideal solution for providing rating functionality on your WordPress web sites:

  • Enable your site visitors to post ratings each time they comment,
  • Create multiple rating fields for Pages, Posts and/or Custom Post Types,
  • Has one-click updates and email support.

Rating Fields

CRFP Rating FieldsNew to version 2.0 and higher, CRFP allows site owners to create and edit an unlimited number of rating fields.

Each Rating Field can be assigned to a Post Type or Post Type Taxonomy Term, with options to define its label, required, required text and cancellation text.

For example, your Blog Posts might have a simple Rating field, whilst your Product Posts might have multiple rating fields for Functionality, Ease of Use and Value for Money.

CRFP Rating PositionField Position

Rating Fields can be positioned before all comment fields, above the comment field or below the comment field.

For developers and themes that don’t use WordPress’ comment_form() function, CRFP provides its own function to output rating fields within your custom comment form.


Existing ratings can be displayed on your Post’s excerpts, with several options available including:

  • When to display the rating
  • Where to display the rating – either above or below your excerpt
  • Show an average rating and/or a breakdown of each rating field
  • Show the total number of ratings left by site visitors
  • Label to display before the star rating

CRFP Content SettingsContent

Existing ratings can be displayed on your Post’s content, with several options available including:

  • When to display the rating
  • Where to display the rating – either above or below your excerpt
  • Show an average rating and/or a breakdown of each rating field
  • Show the total number of ratings left by site visitors
  • Label to display before the star rating

CRFP Insert ShortcodeShortcodes

For more control over the placement of customer / visitor reviews, CRFP comes with its own shortcode generator, allowing you to output ratings with the same settings available above.

This can be manually input into the Visual Editor, or use the in built CRFP shortcode generator.

New to 2.2.7: shortcodes can include an id parameter, to display ratings for that Post / Page / Custom Post Type. For example, you can insert the shortcode on a Page to display the average rating for a Post, based on the Post’s comments.

CRFP CommentsComments

Customisation doesn’t stop with the content – you can also configure how existing ratings are output on comments left by your site’s visitors. Options include:

  • When to display the rating
  • Where to display the rating – either above or below the comment text
  • Show an average rating and/or a breakdown of each rating field
  • Show the total number of ratings left by site visitors
  • Label to display before the star rating

CRFP Admin Ratings EditorEdit Ratings in Admin Panel

2.2.2 introduces a new feature – existing ratings can be amended when editing comments in the WordPress Administration.

Simply edit the comment through the WordPress Administration interface, and you’ll see the available ratings which can be edited.

Lifetime license. No additional payment needed.


Is it possible to use this as a multi rating comment plugin? So that the visitor can fill in 5 ‘questions’ (ex. helpfull staff, food quality) and some text as a comment. And when they place the comment, other visitors can see the comment and the ratings?

Hello. Why when I sort notes by category, my notes are displayed with the content, but the rating of no stars, only the inscription “Average Rating”.

Great plugin. The only issue I have is that when a user goes to edit their comment, they can’t edit their star rating. Otherwise this is great!

Does this pro plugin works with any custom post? the free one doesn’t works with Social (by MailChimp) plugin, this does?

Does the plugin support Google star ratings for search results? i have tried the free version and it didn’t.

Hi, will this work with premiumpress themes? I installed the regular version but I do not see the rating field in the comments section. I wanted to make sure before I purchase./ thanks!

Without providing some details on your site, theme and steps taken to produce this problem, it’s hard to advise further. The Free and Pro versions work on our customer’s sites.

hey, your upgrade link on the plugin doesn’t work. I ended up purchasing a wrong plugin from a different site with a similar name. I’m still purchasing this plugin because it’s great.

Average Rating: 5
Rating: 5

Please use the insert shortcode functionality by editing a Page, Post or Custom Post type, clicking the Comment Rating Field Pro icon in the WordPress Editor toolbar. This will generate the appropriate shortcode based on the settings you supply.

Thanks for making this plugin.. it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! One question… has this plugin been tested to work with WP E-commerce product pages? I’d like to install it for users to comment and rate products. I prefer not to have to use a shortcode for every product though… will I be able to install code for it to show on wpsc-single_product.php or just the product post types within the dashboard?
Thanks again!

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I am looking for this kind of plugin for my site. I really like the idea. But before buying it I have two questions about the pro version:
1 – Can it work in porfolio items? In the free version it doesn’t work.
2- What about google rich snippets ?

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1. It will work with any Custom Post Type that supports the default WordPress comments system. If your Portfolio items are a Custom Post Type with WordPress comments enabled, then it will work.

2. All ratings and averages are marked up using, which Google supports in its results.


1. Does this support rich snippets format for the post (or custom post) for which the comments are being collected?
2. Have you found any incompatibilities with other wp plugins such as cache plugins (or others)??


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Rating: 5

Hi Stan,
I also used this code to insert a avarage rating in a template file

function prefix_get_average_rating(){
global $shortcode_tags;
$func = $shortcode_tags['crfp'];

$instance = array();

$instance['enabled'] = true;
$instance['displaystyle'] = 2;
$instance['displayaverage'] = true;
$instance['averageratingtext'] = 'Rating text';
$instance['displaytotalratings'] = true;
$instance['displaybreakdown'] = false;

return call_user_func( $func, $instance );

Because of this

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Version 2.2.3 provides a new display_average_rating() function, which will accept the same arguments as a shortcode.

It doesn’t use shortcodes, and calls the required plugin function directly to output the average rating.

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Dear Tim Car,

Are you planning on adding a bit more Internationalization, like providing, add text-domains, a default .po file and loading those files?


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Hi Jaime,

Version 2.2.3 supports internationalisation and supplies default .po and .mo files.

At present we have no plans to provide translations in other languages, but you are welcome to supply your own based on the default .po file.

If we can help with this at all, please email



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Two questions:

1. Is it possible to place rating capability outside of the comment form as well? If it’s not standard, would that be a hard thing to make custom as a developer?
2. Is there any way of monitoring ratings in the back-end?

Thank you :-)

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Rating: 5

Hi Mike,

1. It would be difficult. The ratings are stored in the comment meta, so heavily rely on being included within the comments form.
2. We’re working on an update that allows you to display and amend the ratings in the back-end



I buy now the plugin, and begin to make translation.
But the translation is not working in default domain.

I’m using codestyling plugin to translate.
All the translations fields from: Comment-Rating-Field-Pro-Plugin domain is ok!
But when i select the: Default. And make translation… All translations fields dont translate in plugin! :/

Can you take a look on this?

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Wicked plugin!

Can I suggest adding a filter or an action to the HTML rating output.
I would like to have a “show / hide” link to the rating breakdown.

So you display the average ” * * * * * [ show breakdown link ] ” which would show the full breakdown.


Average Rating: 5
Content Rating: 4
Rating: 5

I have found a bug.

The “Disable on replies is not working” it works when the URL has
"?replytocom=35#respond " in it

But the default WP reply link comment_reply_link() uses javascript to load the reply form in, so no URL change happens and the ratings are still required on replies.

Do you have any advice?


Average Rating: 5
Content Rating: 5
Rating: 4

Pro allows you to:
- specify multiple rating fields,
- use rating fields on Custom Post Types that support WordPress Comments,
- shortcodes to display average ratings for any Post / Custom Post Type anywhere within your content,
- enhanced display options to define where to display average ratings on excerpts, content, comments and position.

Thanks for the fast reply. We use Pods on our site for a really custom development. I don’t think my developer will have issues implementing into that. Do you have plans on building social integration with this any time soon? Logging in via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc to post comments?

Average Rating: 3
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